What to expect in your first session…

The introductory session will give you an opportunity to get to know how the therapist works and to share your concerns with them. In my practice, I spend a few minutes upfront clarifying the basic expectations of therapy by putting them in writing (Introduction and Consent Form) and discussing any questions that you might have about confidentiality, payment, etc. Then I ask some basic questions that are geared toward helping us both assess what you need from therapy and whether I can provide it. I might ask “what brings you in right now?” or something similar to help you explain why you are coming in and clarify what you need. If you are coming as a family or couple, I will ask each person to respond. Also, I invite you to ask any questions at any time about me and my practice.

Therapy is not intended to be a mystery. All questions and concerns are a welcomed and important part of the healing process. If I cannot responsibly commit to providing the help we decide that you need, it becomes my responsibility to help you find it elsewhere. So, I am very grateful to have a broad network of colleagues in the area for referral and consultation.