Elizabeth Ritzman, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (IL and MI)

Elizabeth was trained at Kansas State University (M.S.) and McCormick Theological Seminary (M.Div.) in counseling and psychotherapy. She is licensed to practice in the state of Illinois and Michigan. She is a trauma sensitive psychotherapist and experienced in using EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing). EMDR can very successfully help resolve trauma and clear longtime emotional blocks.

She practices the art and science of psychotherapy which is a form of listening and reflecting that engages our capacity to heal and transform the conditions that undermine our mental health and wellness. It is useful for individuals, families, and couples. It creates a safe space where the story of one’s life can unfold and become open for change.

Elizabeth also specializes in couples therapy and is listed as an experienced Marriage Friendly Therapist. Building intimacy through honest and effective resolution of conflict not only heals relationships but it’s the basic ground-work for healthy families and communities. Couples often believe that their relationships are terrible when they are experiencing developmental challenges most relationships experience. Finding out that your problems are “normal” can be a huge relief and make it easier to repair the damage and grow together.

Elizabeth also offers Discernment Therapy for couples working out whether the want to repair the relationship or not. This can be quite helpful when one partner is leaning away and the other is leaning in. We do Discernment Therapy in extended blocks of time, usually 3 sequential 45 minute sessions. Insurance is not billed for Discernment Therapy

As a specialist in couples therapy and individual therapy, she keeps a small and focused practice, where you get the serious attention you need.

As a health care justice advocate, she articulates the moral imperative for communities to respond with integrity to the multitude of stigmatized diagnoses and health care gaps facing our economically disenfranchised and minoritized neighbors globally. Her experience has included building services addressing compromised mental health, the HIV epidemic, and those facing AIDS, breast cancer, diabetes, asthma, infant mortality, and teen pregnancy. She designs and implements model programs integrating spiritual care, mental health, education, and community outreach into comprehensive, community-based treatment programs.

She is a leader and ally for communities seeking to build a response to disparities in resources and outcomes for chronic diseases, mental health and addiction issues, and the crisis in access to health care.

Call: 312-815-9607 Email elizabethritzman @gmail.com

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