Faith as a resource

As a pastoral counselor, I am a specialist in helping people connect their faith to their efforts to improve their emotional or psychological wellbeing. Many people have had very bad experiences with religious folks imposing their own beliefs upon them, and condemning them for having questions, doubts or different experiences and beliefs. This sort of religious intolerance is the farthest thing from the practice of pastoral counseling, and often causes serious damage to human wellbeing.

Pastoral counselors practice respect for the faith traditions and perspectives of others and refrain from imposing their own beliefs as a standard to be met. Part of their work is to listen with heightened sensitivity to the language of their clients and help them discern the central themes of meaning, belief and values that become apparent in their lives. This happens both with and without the explicit use of religious language. Have you noticed that sometimes the most faith-filled people are those who show a profound generosity of spirit without needing to use any religious language at all?

Identifying those central beliefs, meanings and values creates a deep resource for struggling with and resolving the many questions that bring people to therapy.

Christian counseling is different from pastoral counseling, because it defines belief in Christ as a standard to be met. Christian counseling and Spiritual Direction are faith practices that presume a faith language and draw from it’s resources for growth and healing. Still, it is important to find a practitioner who will refrain from imposing their own personal beliefs as a standard to met in the helping relationship.

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6832 North Avenue, Suite 4B Just west of Oak Park Avenue Phone: 312-815-9607 Email: Elizabeth (Betsy) was trained at Kansas State University (M.S.) and McCormick Theological Seminary (M.Div.) in counseling and psychotherapy. She is licensed to practice in the state of Illinois and is a member of the American Association of Pastoral Counseling. She practices the art and science of psychotherapy which is a form of listening and reflecting that engages our capacity to heal and transform the conditions and problems that undermine our mental health and wellness. It is useful for individuals, families and couples. It creates a safe space where the story of one’s life can unfold and become open for change.
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