Marriage is worth saving

Nothing strikes fear in the heart of couples more than articles describing the signs of marital destruction. Unfortunately, the Gottman’s Four Horsemen have been misread this way. Every relationship shows these signs. Every. Single. One. The healthiest, most loving, kindest people do these things. The only relationship devoid of these behaviors is the one that is dead of life already where there is no mutual investment left. Check out Gottman’s Four Horsemen here; alongside their remedies.


About Elizabeth

Located at AltCare Health Center, 1144 Lake Street, Suite 207 Ph: (708) 848-9900 or Ph: (866) 225-9196 Fax: (708) 848-9902 Email: Elizabeth (Betsy) was trained at Kansas State University (M.S.) and McCormick Theological Seminary (M.Div.) in counseling and psychotherapy. She is licensed to practice in the state of Illinois and is a member of the American Association of Pastoral Counseling. She practices the art and science of psychotherapy which is a form of listening and reflecting that engages our capacity to heal and transform the conditions and problems that undermine our mental health and wellness. It is useful for individuals, families and couples. It creates a safe space where the story of one’s life can unfold and become open for change.
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